$55 Repair & Free Recycling*

Collin County Computers repairs PC's & Laptop's, all brands/models, sells used laptops and desktops and offers recycling. Contact us today for details and a FREE evaluation.

BE GREEN! - Computer and Home electronics recycling for the individual and business's 6 days a week! Don't let it add up!! Drop off Today. Computers-Electronics-Stereo's-Phones-Printers-ETC...

Collin County Computers & Recycling


Collin County Recycling & Computers - We fix computers.

We think that says it all, simple and easy-to-understand. Let's face it - technology is becoming more complicated. As we press on into the 21st century, we rely more and more on computers and other related electronic devices at home, school, or in the workplace. That's why Collin county Computers strives to offer computer and small network services in a way that the average person can connect with and understand.

Free Estimates

With our Free, no obligation in-store diagnosis, our technicians will evaluate your computer and quote you a "flat-rate" price on what it will cost to fix it. No hourly or hidden charges, because nobody likes surprises when it comes time to pay a bill.

In or out call no problem

Need on-site service? No problem! In most cases, it will cost less if you bring your computer by our store, however we understand that there are situations when on-site services are needed. We offer industry competitive prices, excellent service, and prompt, on-time scheduling. No waiting around for endless hours wondering when the technician will show up!

The best solutions for your company

Own a small business? We specialize in working with small businesses without large I.T. budgets or in-house staff. We can meet all of your computer/network needs, in the most cost-efficient, user-friendly way possible.


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